>>> Jewelry Care <<<

Stoneleaf Jewelry is made using the following materials: sterling silver, fine silver, 14K gold, 14K gold fill and natural gemstones. 

While every piece is made carefully and thoughtfully, it is important to correctly care for each piece to help preserve its longevity for generations to come. 

To help maintain the hand polish each piece comes with, avoid wearing your jewelry while swimming, bathing, applying perfume or lotions as some chemicals can damage or spread a film leaving the metal looking dull. 

To clean your jewelry use a soft polishing cloth (provided upon purchase) or available at most jewelry counters as well as online. Recommended brand: Sunshine polishing cloth. Avoid using cleaning solutions as they can damage stones or remove any set patinas.  

Store pieces in an individual airtight bag or jewelry box to prevent oxidation (tarnish).

>>> With the proper care, your piece should last a lifetime <<<